Theo Ford and Anthony Cruz fuck outdoors

Two years in the wake of making their first strides in porn with us at French Twinks in our unscripted television arrangement Apprentices Porn Stars, Theo Ford and Anthony Cruz have both turned out to be genuine porn-stars and shot with numerous remote studios. To commend the hundredth scene, we welcomed Anthony Cruz and Theo Ford once again into our studios for Anthony Cruz to attempt to deliver retribution by being permitted to top Theo this time subsequent to being the base of the stallion twice. 

Anthony and Theo are resolved to demonstrate the full degree of their ability and experience picked up over the most recent two years, giving their body’s, hearts and souls in a solid and flexible scene before our cameras. The trade between the two prevailing guys still depicts all the energy we expect, and in spite of the fact that Anthony starts to surrender to taking the considerable Theo Ford, he will all of a sudden turn the tables and toss Theo down to fuck him thus! Gymnastic positions, muscles, sweat, immense cocks, spitting and tremendously harsh fucking make this staggering “recovery” scene between the two men of XXX made at French Twinks.