Sean Duran fucks Camille Kenzo

While on our US Road Trip (US Tour 2015) Camille Kenzo got together with one of Dominic Ford’s (<a href=”″ class=”bluelink” target=”_blank”></a>) most loved muscle hunks Sean Duran, to expedite a splendid Hunk Twink activity scene! Being our first shoot and with Camille not having the capacity to communicate in english or Sean french, we were somewhat tense! Be that as it may, the young men took to each other in a split second and cooperated while showing each other arousing words. Beginning with some sexual kissing and cock sucking between the combine things rapidly move to sean eating out Camille’s young poop chute. 


Camille’s young smoothe twink body in a perfect world complimented the hard, unpleasant and crude tattoed body of the nice looking hunk beating his sweet pre-rimmed opening, as Camille groans with incredible joy all through. The combine complete with some copious cumshots over every others. 

At the point when met after the scene the two models dispite not seeing every others dialects both felt a genuine fascination for each other… What an incredible begin to our US Tour!