Andy Taylor fucks Camille Kenzo

Amid our “US Tour 2015″ street trip, we had the benefit to work with the popular Californian studio <a href=”″ target=”_blank” class=”bluelink”>Helix Studios</a> and meet one of their star players Andy Taylor. French Twinks and Helix Studios have met up to bring an excellent flip-fuck and enthusiastic scene including two of their finest twinks Camille Kenzo and Andy Taylor. 

The two young men kiss, stroke and disrobe before Camille starts to suck the cock of excellent youthful American. Andy will then eat the ass finally of the little Frenchy before entering him in a wide range of positions… at that point be fucked thusly by Camille in a vivacious flip-fuck finishing with Camille accepting a warm smooth facial cumshot! A genuine fascination between these two angels influence this French-American to trade a totally new collection scene that should amuse all devotees of True Twink Action !